Welcome to Crystal Earth

Crystals have long been cherished posessions of humans for their magic, healing and beauty. Here at Crystal Earth we have a large array of crystals from all over the world. Importantly for Australians we have a big range of Australian Crystals, Lachlan (owner) has spent many a day tracking down rare and unusual Australian Crystals for we know how important it is to bring people objects of sacredness from their own land.
Combined we have over 30 years experince with crystals and Pagan Spiritulality. We love and respect the Earth and all the gifts that come from her. We do readings on all crystals that come through our store, which speak of their healing and magical properties, each stone comes with its own information.
Come and visit our physical store currently in West End, Brisbane at shop 2/71 Russell Street. We have been here since 2005. We recieve new stock weekly and we dont put everything on our website, so its best to come in and see our range which is much more extensive than our website, thankyou. At the moment out website is currently not taking orders.
Blessed Be
Lachlan & Andrea
Contact us via our facebook or instagram pages, thankyou.